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NEWSLETTER January 2019

What would you be able to afford?   

If there is one thing we are certain about, it is that Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world.  Which makes us ask, what exactly can one afford in which country or city? Interestingly, most countries in Central Europe are catching up and gaining purchasing power within their own countries. On one can see the comparison of the local purchasing power in different countries.

The local purchasing power compares the relative average income in a city versus the costs of products, services and daily expenses.  If the value is «40», then a person with an average income can afford 60% less than a person with an average income in New York.  In this respect a Swiss resident is in a good position with the relative purchasing power lying between 125 and 138 in comparison to a New Yorker.

New Markets, new opportunities?

New markets and new customers give rise to new queries, such as which documents are needed for the importation of a specific product? Or what is the delivery time to Uzbekistan? Are there packaging regulations or requirements for exporting products to Morocco? M&M Militzer & Münch is here for you, to answer all these queries and more. With subsidiaries and offices in almost all countries worldwide, M&M Militzer & Münch is able to answer all your queries.

Did you know?

From 1867 until 1918, Austria-Hungary with a combined expanse of 676.000 square km and a combined population of 52,8 Million (1914) was the third largest country in Europe. In addition to Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, it included parts of today‘s Romania, Montenegro, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Serbia.

The highest mountain of the Atlas Mountains and Maghreb is Toubkal in Morocco with 4167 m altitude.

Marco Polo set out for China in 1271 from Italy and arrived in Shangdu in 1275, the destination was the Silk Road. Today, we are transporting containers between Europe and China by train in 20-30 days.

Tehran has – similarly to Switzerland - 8.4 million inhabitants and is - after Istanbul - one of the largest cities in this region. In Baghdad live 6.6 million people.